Cool New Technology for Mestex from AHR 2017

New Graphics Tool Allows Users to "See Inside" Mestex Products.

As I mentioned in my last blog entry Mestex participated in the 2017 AHR Expo last week in Vegas.  As usual we were part of the much larger Mestek corporate display showing the industry just how broad our company's product offering can be.

One challenge with such a broad offering is that it can be difficult to explain to potential customers, and even our own reps and employees, how much of the equipment actually works.  This is true even within the Mestex division as our products cover everything from air handlers to fully packaged DOAS units, and from advanced evaporative cooling systems to steam integral face and bypass coils.

In the photo to the right you can see a demonstration of the latest corporate sales tool that helps cut through some of the mystery.

The Mestek Technologies group has developed an interactive, graphical software app that reps can use to help illustrate some of the more complicated products from the Mestex division.  This app allows the user to select from the Aztec Indirect/Direct evap system, the IFL air handling system, or the FAP packaged DOAS-capable rooftop unit.  Once selected a screen opens that shows the user the elements of the unit that can be selected for configuring a product to meet their needs.  Touching any of the components, or the complete unit illustration, will open that component and by using the "pinch-zoom" function of touchscreen devices the user can "open up" the product and drill down to detailed images of the unit.  Buttons to the right allow the user to "turn on" heating, cooling, dampers, etc and watch how the airflow in the unit changes.

Using the app at the show pointed out how clear our configurable product concept became to viewers.  It was immediately obvious that the products shown had great flexibility and adaptability to suit their application.

The app is now available on the Google Play store for download to compatible devices by searching for "Mestek" and then looking for the "Mestex" icon in that storefront.  A version for iOS devices will be coming from the Apple store in the near future.

While this app proved to be an exciting tool to the reps that saw it there is much more to expect from the app going forward.  New products will be added.  Links to technical and sales literature will be added.  Embedded videos will be added.  Integrated CFD models will be added. 

Basically, this will become the most powerful "catalog" available for Mestex products.

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