On The Road Again

To quote one of my favorite musicians, Willie Nelson, we are going ..."On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again..." this time to Las Vegas for the 2017 AHR Expo

The Mestex division of Mestek will be sharing booth space with our sister companies in booth C1525 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Some people are predicting a record turnout of attendees and we expect a busy few days.

This year, Mestex will be using some new (for us) graphical display technology from the Mestek Technology group to help explain some of our newer product offerings.  Our division companies; Applied Air, Aztec, Alton, LJ Wing, Temprite, and King provide solutions to temperature, pressure, airflow, and filtration problems that can be hard to explain using a static piece of equipment.  This graphical display technology will allow us to "walk you in" to three of our products and highlight how certain elements of the products can be used to address your building or process issues.

In addition to these graphics the Mestex people in the booth can explain how our in house CFD analysis services can help optimize a solution.  Projects ranging from large e-commerce warehouses and distribution centers to data centers to "indoor agriculture" grow rooms can be very difficult to design due to high internal thermal loads, humidity levels, stratification, or pressure gradients and CFD allows Mestex to thoroughly analyze and sort out possible solutions.

So come on by the booth and, at least, say "hi".  We would love to discuss how we might help solve your application problems.

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