Over the years that I have been at Mestex I have marveled at how well we have been able to control our warranty expenses.  Having come from one of the large HVAC product manufacturers where it was not uncommon to have warranty expense at 3 to 4 percent of sales our average of less than 1 percent of sales is extraordinary.

Of course, this level of product quality does not happen by accident.  Selecting components that are designed for long life, using material gauges that are one grade heavier than most competitors, constructing many products with welded steel frameworks... all contribute to products that are designed to last.  But a great design can fall down at the production level so we have also implemented laser alignment systems, rotating component balancing systems, multi-point functional testing of every product that leaves the building, and compliance with all industry standards for safety.  We are confident that when a product leaves our building that it has been built to a high standard for longevity, service, and efficiency.

But there are standards outside of our normal industry standards that can improve our quality beyond even the product itself.  One of those internationally recognized standards is, of course, ISO 9001.  Reaching into all elements of our business and documenting how we do things in an effort to make all phases of the business better is an expected result of attaining an ISO certification.  Mestex is proud to announce that we have now received such a certification and we are now an ISO 9001-2008 certificate holder. (Certificate No.: TRC 00937 issued to Mestex, Dallas)

We don't intend to stop there however and we have already started work on attaining an ISO 14001 certification.  This process is targeted at our environmental practices and policies.  Although Mestex has taken major steps over the last few years to reduce our environmental impact we believe that there is more that we can do and that is our next target.

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