NSF/Mestex Research Project Update at SEMI-THERM Conference in San Jose, California

Students from the University of Texas at Arlington will be presenting an update on the progress of a research consortium, partially funded by the National Science Foundation, that is focused on improving the efficiency of data center cooling. This presentation will be made during the SEMI-THERM conference in San Jose, California from March 9-13.

The work presented in this exhibit presents updates on this project since the last industrial advisory board (IAB) meeting in Villanova University in September 2013. The updates include completion of construction of an Aztec ASC-15 cooling unit, attachment of the cooling unit to an IT Pod, construction of internal details of the IT pod, construction of a duct for testing various cooling pads, creation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model for the IT pod and the ASC-15 unit.

The cooling unit, ASC-15, which is capable of operating in pure air-side economization, in direct evaporative cooling, in indirect evaporative cooling, and/or in hybrid modes, contains two blowers which can deliver up to 7000 CFM to the IT pod. Various parameters of the cooling unit, such as blower rotational speed, inlet air temperature, supply air temperature, outside air humidity, etc are available through an online portal. ASC-15 is connected to the IT pod at Mestex facility which is providing power and water to the modular research data center. Inside the IT pod, four cabinets, each containing thirty HP SE1102 servers, are placed in a hot/cold aisle configuration.

One of the HP SE1102 servers was tested in UT-Arlington lab to find out its maximum power consumption. The maximum measured energy consumption is used to calculate total dissipated heat per rack in the CFD model of the modular research data center. This CFD model will continue to be updated depending on changes to the IT pod or the cooling unit. For example, updates to the cooling pad model will be applied based on results from the various wet cooling pad tests that will be performed at UT-Arlington.

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