"Open Access Project" Update

Mestex is continuing to refine the systems and information stream as part of our "Open Access Project".  As a reminder, Mestex has established a research data pod as a member of an NSF project to improve the efficiency of data centers.  This pod is being cooled with an Aztec IDEC system managed by the Mestex DDC control system. 

The goals of the research project require frequent experiments.  Currently, Mestex is continuing to complete the basic infrastructure of the pod itself.  The video in the link below shows a quick walk-through update on the installation of a containment system.  As you can see, the installation is nearing completion.  In the meantime we are running the 51 servers, a 5 kw resistive load, and some ancillary equipment in the 4 cabinets that are in the pod.  https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B173953F824409BC!7016&authkey=!AKcxEKWl7409R-8&ithint=video%2c.MP4

Since the IT equipment is operating while we finish the containment installation we are able to watch the performance of the IDEC cooling system in real time via  http://webctrl.aztec-server-cooling.com/.  This website is accessible to anyone and viewers can log on using the username "guest" and the password "guest".

One of the areas that concerns data center designers and operators is the performance of evaporative cooling systems "on the shoulder" when ambient dry bulb temperatures are relatively low and ambient RH is relatively high.  Last week we had an opportunity to observe just that situation.

The time was 7:55 in the morning.  The ambient conditions were what most people would consider to be the worst scenario for evaporative cooling…relatively low DB and relatively high RH…in this case, 59.6 DB and 89% RH.  Under those conditions most people would expect the cold aisle conditions to be either too warm or too humid.

However the cold aisle was operating at 78.9 DB and 56.7% RH.  The cold aisle setpoint is 80 DB.  The cooling tower integrated into the Aztec IDEC unit was on, the airflow dampers were positioned for 100% return from the hot aisle, and the system was providing enough cooling (even with this high RH) to maintain the cold aisle temp and an 11 to 12 degree rise across the servers.  Note also that these conditions are inside ASHRAE TC 9.9 A1 Allowable limits.
The "Open Access Project" will be continuing throughout 2014 and, most likely, into 2015.  This will provide ample opportunity to observe a wide range of operating environments for the IDEC system.  During that time there will also be research on filtration, fresh air cooling, and further refinement of control algorithms for fully integrated IDEC systems such as the Aztec product.

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