The "Open Access Project"

In the data center and technology world there is an on-going "discussion" about "openness".  Facebook really kicked this into high gear with their "Open Compute Project" where they share design specifics for their data center product designs in order to encourage energy savings across the data center design community.  This bold move allows virtually anyone to take a peek into how Facebook manages the hardware side of their business and how their equipment operates in the real world environment.

Here at Mestex we have taken our own steps in the same direction.  Anyone, anywhere in the world, who has Internet access can see some of our HVAC product designs operating in the real world environment of heating and cooling our facilities in  Dallas, Texas.  Think about how many other HVAC product manufacturers provide such "open access" to their equipment in real time in the real world? 

By logging in as a guest user ( and use "guest" for both username and password) anyone can see how our DOAS unit is operating to serve our engineering department, or how a direct fired unit is operating to heat one of our production buildings, or how an air turnover unit is performing to cool a large uninsulated warehouse building, or how an indirect/direct evaporative cooling unit is functioning to control temperatures in a research server room pod located outside our buildings.

No filters, no marketing BS, no "wordsmithing" of performance...just raw unadulterated data and graphics showing what the equipment is doing in real time and how it is performing against the setpoints and goals set for the equipment.   Does this take guts?  Of course it does, but if you have been in the HVAC business for as long as Mestex has, and you have the proven track record that we have, then why not share how equipment really functions and give people a chance to evaluate concepts in the real world?

Our control software continues to be refined and developed based upon user feedback and our own research projects so the information on the display changes from time to time.  It now includes electrical energy demand information and kwh consumption information for each piece of equipment on the display.  Again, to give viewers an idea of the true cost of operation for various types of equipment.

So, for real world information about data center equipment you can go to Facebook's "Open Compute Project" and for real world information about HVAC equipment you can go to Mestex's "Open Access Project".

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