Mestex Hosts Independent Representatives at ASHRAE

Mestex Representatives Attend ASHRAE

With the annual ASHRAE/AHR meetings and exhibits in Dallas for the first time in 6 years, Mestex took advantage of the opportunity to host over 100 independent Mestex reps at the Mestex facility. We were also joined by a number of Mestek corporate employees including Stewart Reed, Mestek CEO.

Mestex DDC Dashboard
Test Area Demonstration
The reps were provided with guided factory tours that included presentations at four key areas in the plant...the gas-fired products test area, the hydronic products test area, the "Mestex Mall" show unit area, and the top secret Mestex R&D area. In addition to highlighting the extensive final test processes that every Mestex product endures the tour also highlighted the latest version of the Mestex DDC control system with full web-enabled interface and user "information dashboard".

"Dallas" Based Theme
Following the tours the reps gathered in the stage area that was set up in the plant for formal presentations on new software technologies that Mestex is introducing in 2013, a more detailed look at the DDC "dashboard", and a glimpse into a huge new sales opportunity. The presentations wrapped up with the introduction of the 2013 Sales Incentive program. The overall formal presentations were introduced by Mestex personnel who played the parts of characters from the TV series "Dallas".
Mestek Booth at ASHRAE/AHR Show

Over the following three days, Mestex personnel hosted a number of engineer and customer visits to the facility and also attended the ASHRAE/AHR show as part of the large Mestek contingent.



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