The MEP World Collides

Well, this weekend the MEP world (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) will converge on Dallas for the AHRI/ASHRAE annual meeting and trade show.  This is the one place where many engineers and contractors can view the vast assortment of products and services that are used in making the buildings we work and live in functional. 

The exhibit company says there are 3,500 booths set up in the Dallas Convention Center.  That is a lot of different companies that are invested in the construction industry...and many companies in the industry are not even showing!

Of course, our parent company Mestek will be on the show floor with a wide variety of products ranging from residential baseboard to machinery for producing ductwork for commercial buildings.  Look for the most diverse company in the HVAC industry in booths 2632 and 2845.

As for Mestex itself since we are based in Dallas we have a unique opportunity.  On Sunday, the 27th, we have over 100 sales representatives visiting our factory to learn more about what Mestex has planned for 2013 and to tour the facilities and see some of the hardware.  Then Monday through Wednesday we will be hosting several engineer and contractor tours of our operations. 

This is an exciting way to kick off the new year for Mestex and for the entire industry.  It also shows just how diverse our industry is and just how important to building occupants our industry can be.

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