Ten Reasons to Tone Down on Climate Control

Sometimes the best thing to do is to acknowledge when someone else does something right.  In this case Nicholas Greene posted an article on TechAxcess that sums up the ten reasons why data center designers and operators should adopt modern cooling design criteria for their centers.  Nicholas clearly articulates the reasons and I cannot improve on what he says.

I can only reinforce the message that there are alternative cooling methods that can provide cool...not cold...filtered, clean, air for data centers.  Aztec Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems from the Mestex division of Mestek can send 65 to 80 degree air to the cold aisle and allow the designer to exhaust 100% of the heat from the hot aisle without using any refrigerants or compressors.  The result is cold aisle conditions that meet the latest ASHRAE TC 9.9 criteria and that address the issues that Nicholas covered in his article.

As Nicholas says...it is time for operators and designers outside of the "big names" to get on board and start implementing these energy saving technologies.

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